What is Bog Snorkelling?

bog snorkelling

Bog Snorkelling is something that is not thought of very often as a sport event. It is one of those types of sports that is not often advertised but has a good following.

It is a relatively young sport in terms of recognition compared to other more established sports around the world. So what is involved in Bog Snorkelling? What do I need to wear? Am I crazy for even thinking of taking part? Read more below to find out!

History of Bog Snorkelling

You may be asking yourself, where did Bog Snorkelling originate from? When did it start?

Bog Snorkelling first originated in 1976, apparently, over a drink in a local Welsh pub called the Neuadd Arms in Llanwrtyd Wells. The first events were held at the Waen Rhydd Peat bog in the same area. Ever since, Bog Snorkelling has grown in popularity slowly with a world championships being held in 1985. Other countries also hold an annual championship since its creation such as Sweden, Ireland and even as far as Australia.

The world championships are split into various categories such as men’s, ladies, junior & children. There are also two events for locals split into men & women. And don’t forget the fancy dress category, lots of fun & laughs to be had in this category.

People from all over the world compete in the world championships.

What do I Need to Wear for Bog Snorkelling?

As a general rule, anyone taking part must wear goggles & a snorkel. Other than that, anything can be worn such as a wet suit or fancy dress. Just be aware that it can be cold, so make sure you have something to wrap up into later.

As you can see in the tweet above, anything goes! The video below taken from a Twitter post also shows some of the more colourful competitors.

What do I Need to Do?

The course at Waen Rhydd Peat bog consists of a 60 metre trench that is swam in two lengths. You are not allowed to swim or engage in any known swimming strokes for the course. You must rely solely on flipper power alone.

The course is a trench that has been cut through a peat bog. Whence the reason how the name of Bog Snorkelling came about. Another video below better explains how the peat bog course looks. The clip is from the 2018 World Championships.

2019 will be the thirty fourth time the world championships are being held. Interested? Green Events have some information and an application form if you fancy having a go yourself.

Location of Llanwrtyd Wells

Llanwrtyd Wells is pretty easy to find. Check out the map for facilities & accommodation in the area.

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